Deep connection with the spirit of nature and herbs

We offer new and inspiring opportunities for industries and consumers in B2B and B2C markets.
Follow our collection of herbal products and creative solutions.


Why choose us?

variety of herbs

A variant list of more than 150 herbs which give you accessibility to have an aware choice

the best ingredient

Products containing the finest active ingredient extracted from herbs, 100% natural which has a deeper effect during the consumption

targeted solutions

By segmenting the target customers, we will offer the right product to the right consumer

customized products

By choosing your desired herb and product you are able to order your own customized product

Our Story

Who we are?

We introduce Mika Green as a supplier and wholesaler of herbal products based on Iran's deep and ancient history of botanical and herbal knowledge.
At Mika Green, we are focused on providing raw materials with consistent quality, final products according to customers' needs and finally wholesale products.
In addition, we have the possibility of designing packaging, producing special customized products and providing unique solutions for target groups.

Our Philosophy

Our whole endeavor is to establish a continuous business relationship with supply chain and value chain agents in various industries by creating and maintaining quality raw materials, production methods and speed in service delivery.

Our Inspiration

We are proud to bring a collection of herbal products into the lives of people, who love herbs and make love to themselves and take their path to well-being, balance and happiness.

You Can Trust Us

Your business deserves the best

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*Dubai Office: Sheikh Maryam Bldg P114, Second Floor 204B, Al Makhtoum St. Baniyas Complex Deira Dubai UAE.
*Iran Office: 14Th Km Of Lashkari Road, Tehran, Iran.